About Us

Heya, I would like to Thank you all to drop in here on this page to know more about me. 

I would like to tell you that I owe most of my success in my online business to Groovefunnels, so we are together in this. 

Also, I hate to waste time, mine, and anyone else’s. Thus, you will not get to read any fluff content in my blogs or write-ups. Because I believe in writing from my heart where I give you to the point information which will be useful to you. 

Why Marketing Made Easy Blog?

As you can make out from the name of my website, my intention for you all is to make the marketing thing easy. I know you would say It’s easier said than done! And I agree with you here but let me clarify by telling you that there are hidden tricks and tips in online marketing that I have revealed here on my website. 

The most important is the selection of the best tool for your funnel strategy. Thus, here I bring and talk about Groovefunnels and why you should not think twice before you get it. 

Won’t you want an all-in-one solution when it comes to the creation of sales funnels, conducting webinars, email marketing, and managing your affiliates? Yes, that is why I am such a fan of Groovefunnels. 

Thus, that is why I created this website on Groove Funnels to give you legitimate information on this exemplary tool which will not only ease your work but also is cost-efficient. Thus, read in detail about the Groovefunnel review, its comparison with other sales funnels, it’s pricing, and coupons to SAVE More. 

Marketingmadeeasyblog is my small gesture to help people deal with tech-overwhelm and information overload so that they can drive more traffic, increase their leads, get higher sales and conversions to their online business.

About the Author

Clifton Sabol

Clifton Sabol was born and raised near San Francisco and he still lives there. He loves his full-time job of being a software engineer. 

As a side hustle, he has been doing affiliate marketing since 2009. It all started when he first made $1 online from his first sale and there was no turning back since then. 

Back then, it was so simple to rank the websites in Google using various blackhat tactics. He was able to earn six figures through his affiliate commissions really easily and he would give himself a Vegas holiday every year! 

But, then in 2011, when the famous Google Panda update came and took away almost all his affiliate income overnight, he began to think about a sustainable strategy. Thus, Marketingmadeeasyblog is an attempt to help his readers build a more sustainable approach in their affiliates. 

Thus, I would want to help all my readers to the best of my ability and we can interact too by the means of comments. 

To your Success, 

Clifton Sabol