GrooveFunnels Review 2021– Is It Best Funnel Builder?

GrooveFunnels Review
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In this blog, I am going to discuss GrooveFunnels Review 2021, and find out if it is the best funnel builder for you.

GrooveFunnels is a marketing automation and lead generation platform for small businesses. It’s an all-in-one solution that covers everything from website conversion to email campaign management, landing page optimization, social media marketing, and more.

The GrooveFunnels team is committed to making their customers successful by ensuring they are getting the most out of their investment in GrooveFunnels.

Groovefunnels takes care from your product to the signup page to the email directed for the customer.

Top Groovefunnels Alternatives

With ClickFunnels, you can build a variety of funnels; like webinar funnels, opt-in funnels, and membership funnels.

Solid landing page and sales funnel builder but don't replace your marketing automation tool

Unbounce is among the best landing pages across the globe. If you are in the marketing industry and lack an engineering background, you are definitely in safe hands with Unbounce.

Unbounce has changed the way we strategize, build, and test our landing pages.

Leadpages is conversion optimized and ensures you benefit from all its features. It also has integrated payment options to help your business flourish.

Leadpages allow non-developers to quickly create the landing pages they need without the technical knowledge of web development.

Instapage is globally known for increasing the conversions of a company by a whopping 400%.

Increased our advertising conversions by 320%

Landingi is an all-encompassing marketing platform that gives users the opportunity to develop campaigns independently and create leading pages that are intuitive in nature with a wide range of tools the software has to offer.

First of all the customer support does listen and responds with solutions. Easy to use page builder tool for effectively collecting leads. Able to connect to other third-party software tools using Zapier.



GrooveFunnels offers a suite of tools to help you build and grow your website. They provide everything from landing page builders, email marketing software, and conversion rate optimization to payment processing solutions.

GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one platform that helps entrepreneurs start their own company without having to worry about the technical aspects of building a site. GrooveFunnels provides its customers with both free and paid services depending on their needs; however they are not limited in any way when using our service because there are many tools available for use.

Check out these questions, to find out what this blog contains:

  • What is GrooveFunnels?
  • What are the benefits of using it?
  • What are the benefits of using each platform?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • How is the customer support provided by GrooveFunnels?
  • GrooveFunnels has an integration with which other platforms?
  • What are the pros and cons of it?
  • What are the pricing plans offered?
  • What are the alternatives available for it and which one is better to use?

Table of Contents

GrooveFunnels Overview

Is managing your online business stressful? Are the monthly stock payments and integrations giving you a hard time?

Well, here I am to help you, to tell you about software that would tick such hectic stuff off your list, “GrooveFunnels.” 

I’ve used GrooveFunnels for a long period of time now, and I must say it has helped me a lot! Thanks to GrooveFunnels I’ve been able to earn a lot of profit from the web market while keeping my stress level to a minimum.

In this article,  I would provide you with a detailed review of everything regarding this app. You’ll also gain an insight into not only what everything it has to deliver but also how it works. 

This guide will cover all the following aspects: 

  • Benefits of GrooveFunnels
  • Customer Support
  • Easy to Use 
  • Features of GrooveFunnels
  • Groove products
  • What are the benefits of using each platform?
  • Integration of GrooveFunnels
  • Which offers better pricing
  • Pros and Cons
  • Conclusion

GrooveFunnels Review 2021: Best Sales Funnel Builder?

GrooveFunnels offers its users a wide variety of tools for online marketing. Though these tools in your kit depend upon the membership you choose i.e, Base, Silver, or Gold. 

The mind behind the GrooveFunnels is ‘Mike Filsaime’ the CEO of GrooveDigital, an acknowledged name in the market, author, speaker, software developer, digital marketer, and consultant.

The other names include:

  •  John Cornetta who has hustled and established himself in the e-commerce industry over years,
  • Matt Serralta has a decade of experience in executive managing projects. He secured partnership agreements with big guns like Google, PayPal, etc.
  • Matt Naus is one of the co-founders of Groove Digital and is a software creator. 

GrooveFunnels Website Builder

Why We Recommend GrooveFunnels? 

GrooveFunnels is a golden opportunity for all the businesses who are trying to improve their sales in this digital world.

GrooveFunnels gives uncountable facilities to all its users to create online businesses’ websites, meals, and increase their user interaction to get more customer support and gain customer trust to increase their sales through digital media. H

ere are a few benefits of GrooveFunnels which will help you make a good profit from your business using GrooveFunnels:-

GrooveFunnels provides one-on-one attention to all its users and helps all its customers in creating web pages and landing pages for their online business.

These methods help in gaining customer trust and build a solid community of customers.

A good web page gives any online business the correct kind of exposure all around the globe. The creation of a good web page and a landing page plays a major role in increasing customer support and traffic on your website.

 GrooveFunnels Tools are the major attraction of GrooveFunnelss.

GrooveFunnels tools are the main reason why group funnel is so famous between new startups and current online businesses.

GrooveFunnels provides services like groove mails and groove pages. Groovemails are email marketing solutions provided by GrooveFunnels,

It provides facilities like email and voice broadcasting and allows you to tag your customers which provides you with a chance of one on one interaction with your customers and help you build a connection with your customers and create a solid foundation for your online business.

GrooveFunnels pages help in the building of websites which are the fundamentals of any online business.

A good online business needs a wonderful website so that everyone can know about your Idea and your product and GrooveFunnels pages help you build a great website for your product and your business.

GrooveFunnels provides multiple services in one platform without any extra expenses.

If a new startup wants to increase the sales of their product or service and wants everyone to know about it without investing a huge amount of money GrooveFunnels provides all kinds of required facilities at a very affordable price.

 GrooveFunnels affiliate program allows you to earn even while using the product for free.

If any of the free users of  GrooveFunnels recommend this platform to someone and earns GrooveFunnels another paid user then they get 20% of the total subscription fee.

If you are a Goldmember then this deal is even more beneficial for you as you will get 40% of their total subscription fee.

GrooveFunnels is a platform that will not only teach you how to earn money but also gives you opportunities to make a few bucks for yourself.

Funnel Building Platform

How Good Is GrooveFunnels Customer Support?

Online advertising and marketing can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. 

Even for an experienced individual, it can sometimes be frustrating to deal with incoming traffic from social media or affiliate advertisements on other websites.

Tools like GrooveFunnels can be surprisingly useful for a beginner who wants to make a website or increase traffic on the existing website through online marketing. 

It lets you create your landing pages as well as come up with creative ideas for sales funnels that will increase customers for your business or sign-ups for your services.

But it can still be a hassle to manage an extensive advertising network without proper support.

GrooveFunnels believes in providing their customers with a detailed explanation regarding the use of their product while giving them creative Liberty to make personalized web pages or websites.

Their customer support team is always on standby to resolve any issues that may come up during creating your webpage. 

It is essential for any user to feel comfortable and safe while using a service such as GrooveFunnels as it handles sensitive information of customers as well as uses. 

The customer support at GrooveFunnels builds this trust with their users by being compassionate and understanding. 

It is also essential for any web service’s customer support to be available 24/7  to resolve any issues that may arise with the webpage,

Website or sales funnel and that is exactly why GrooveFunnels has multiple support teams each of whom handle the different service provided by GrooveFunnels. 

It also makes the customer service experience better as customers can contact customer support and get directed to a team that specializes in that area within a matter of minutes with the minimum waiting time. 

This is the highest standard of customer support one can expect from any service online today.

Ease to use

If you are a new online business owner or online retailer and you don’t know much about online marketing and how to run a business online then GrooveFunnels is the best platform for you.

GrooveFunnels provides easy-to-use programs along with one assist to each customer. They also provide 24/7 customer support and provide backup for everything in case something goes wrong.

So if you are thinking of using GrooveFunnels for your new online business then you will get all the required support and you will gain opportunities to increase your experience in online marketing while gaining traffic on your website. 

GrooveFunnels provides excellent customer support for those who are uninitiated in online marketing and their product descriptions are easy step-by-step guides that help new users along the way to set up their web pages accordingly e so that they can get the most out of the customer traffic they gain by online marketing.

It is also an excellent feature that GrooveFunnels offers email services that are active and automatic so you don’t have to micromanage your customers and this service can do that for you.

It can automatically send email reminders to your customers about abandoned carts and keep in touch with them without your regular input.

All these features come together to form a cohesive service that is extremely new user friendly and lucrative for any startups which are struggling to convert the traffic into actual income.

GrooveFunnels Building Platform

What Are The Best Features Of GrooveFunnels?

Here are some amazing features of GrooveFunnels that you will love:

1. Free

This is probably the best feature for any beginner. In GrooveFunnels you can build an all-in-one program that delivers every feasible service needed by an online seller and that too for free!

Previously, the starting amount was $99/mo but now GrooveFunnels have emerged with a time-limited proposal that enables you to start up with $0/- i.e for free.

2. Helps in Making Money

You are bound to earn money while using GrooveFunnels.

Once you create a free account you will automatically receive a 20% affiliate commission and 5% of the two-tier commission.

Also, if you upgrade the account to the pro membership you get a 40% affiliate and 10% of the two-tier commission.

Not everyone has acknowledged it but GrooveFunnels is the platform where one can earn a sum of thousands of dollars and that too risk-free, as it is the largest converting product online. 

3. Live Webinars

The GrooveFunnels has a Groovewebinar tool. With its assistance, you can host live and automatic webinars.

This groove live webinar gives a world-class page, digital sales platform, affiliate marketing platform, and world-class email marketing solution, etc.

You get a set of 11 various software to operate your entire business.  

4. Academy

Groove Digital academy provides you with tutorials and training sessions about online marketing through live webinars which are recorded so you can rewatch them and learn the various tactics of online business. 

5. Customer Service

GrooveFunnels delivers fantastic customer support in saving you both time and money by making all the mandatory tools accessible in one place to optimize your income and productivity.

6. Beginner-Friendly

The GrooveFunnels brings up a unique website developing aspect that is easy-to-use and free for an exclusive period.

It provides all the tools that are essential to establish a business. It is a complete user-friendly pack and best for beginners. I would recommend anyone fresh to this program. 

7. Created by Experts

The GrooveFunnels is created by none other than the great names in the online market: Mike Filsaime, John Cornetta, Matt Serralta, Matt Naus.

They have focused on creating a product that would provide all the necessary tools, training, etc. for online marketing. 

8. Sales

The essential tools that have been used to create websites are also helpful in building a sales funnel and thus developing shopping wagons so that the payment could be done online.

The GrooveSell tool allows you to access the GrooveFunnels payment gateways. Thus, you can sell subscriptions, digital products, memberships, and also physical products.

GrooveFunnels Products:

GrooveFunnels Apps

Here are some products you will get with GrooveFunnels:

1. GroovePages

The most efficient tool in the GrooveFunnels is the GroovePages. It allows you to create websites, landing pages, and also sales funnels.

It includes different features such as free hosting, pop-ups, drag-and-drop free editor, countdown timers, wireframe blocks, etc. If you want to develop a landing page, website, or sales funnel, this is the best platform. 

2. GrooveSell

Groovesell is a world-class platform for digital sales that allows you to promote and sell your products and services to consumers.

Moreover, it is an easy-to-use and free software to create pages that will help you in sales and which helps you in dynamically Increasing your profits with the help of up-sells, down-sells, and bumps.

It is the easiest and affordable software when it comes to digital marketing. 

3. Groove Affiliate

The groove affiliate helps you to grow and you are bound to earn the sum once you successfully log in.

Once you create a free account you will automatically receive a 20% affiliate commission and 5% of the two-tier commission.

Also, if you upgrade the account to the pro membership you get a 40% affiliate and 10% of the two-tier commission.

4. Groovemail

The groovemail is a cheaper platform than most of the other competitors in the digital market and at the same time is packed with new features.

Its user-interface is so interactive, along with creative design, a unique dashboard strengthens its usage. It is also beneficial for beginners as they can use pre-made email templates that are exercised at work.

It offers a world-class email solution for marketing with an end number of features and modern tools, while it is also compatible with broadcasting text and voicemails. 

5. GrooveMember

It is a vital aspect of the GrooveFunnels platform which is an absolute solution for transforming newcomers into permanent consumers for a business.

It is built to operate with developing membership sites, build and manage membership sites.

It includes all the tools needed to grow your membership count. It offers complete control over all the activities and enhanced flexibility. You can deliver training, sell digital products, password-secured courses, etc. 

6. GrooveVideo

It is a video hosting and analysis tool created by GrooveDigital. You can upload your videos over this tool and also allow you to have an analysis of them, without any third-party tool.

The best feature I like about this app is that you can tag the viewers through an email autoresponder or groove mail etc. so that the viewers can follow up.

Also, you can use the videos inside this tool and add them to your sites. 

7. Email Leads

The email leads is a feature that is not available on the GrooveFunnels free plan.

The email leads allow you to keep the content organized and control your traffic and thus you won’t have to worry about the customers leaving your website due to it.

8. GrooveQuiz

Analyzing and enhancing the website is an important aspect of online marketing.

By using this GrooveQuiz you can create online tests to improve the engagement with the websites, landing pages, funnels, etc.

It can help you to create items, customize your content according to the consumer’s need thus prioritizing the customer’s preferences.  

9. Email Cart Abandons 

About 50% of people tend to abandon their online shopping cart and don’t do the purchase.

But the email cart abandons feature helps by sending an email to people who have abandoned their cart and thus helps in regaining those lost sales.

The GrooveFunnels feature is definitely a feature that is worth investing in. 

How Good Is GrooveFunnels Platform?

The GrooveFunnels platform is an absolutely promising choice to organize your online business.

It could assist you not only in organizing your business and help you with the hefty workload that could potentially stress anyone out but also it provides tutorials and training sessions about the online business and the website market.

I had first joined this platform when I was an amateur and I must confess, the tutorials and training are probably the reason for my success today.

I’ve come so far with the help of the guidance by the experts and the assistance delivered by the attributes of GrooveFunnels alongside. 

The best feature according to me apart from training is the sales part.

It does not just permit the sale of digital goods but also physical goods, courses, and memberships as well.

Honestly, I could boost endlessly about this program and I would recommend this to anyone interested in online business, may it be a beginner or an old pal of mine. GrooveFunnels is worth your money and time! 

groovefunnels affilate main

What Integrations Does GrooveFunnels Offer? 

The GrooveFunnels can be integrated with over 2000+ apps that could help you automate your business and reach a new level of productivity.

It includes Google Sheets, Gmail, WordPress, Kartra, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Outlook, Office, Teachable, and the list goes on! 

The team behind the GrooveFunnels is much solid and is ever developing that the integrations might actually surprise you.

Using this integration made available by GrooveFunnels we can excel in our productivity and increase our profit since these integrated sites are always handy when it comes to promoting our products and services and also attract consumers.

GrooveFunnels upgrade

How Much Does GrooveFunnels Cost? 

The GrooveFunnels plan offers an end number of aspects and tools which could be very beneficial.

But not everyone gets to use each and every aspect offered by GrooveFunnels as it differs based on the plan chosen by you. It offers three plans which are, Base, Silver, and Gold. 

  • Base Plan:

The base plan is free and this bid is accessible for everybody. You can create 3 websites in total with this program.

You can moreover promote GrooveFunnels and reap commissions.

Though the commission stays at 20% only with this base plan. The base plan gives you tools such as Groovesell, GrooveAffiliate, and GroovePages (lite version).

The base package gives you an adequate impression of how this program functions. 

  • Silver Plan: 

The silver plan delivers you very crucial aspects i.e, the core apps you require to operate an online startup business.

You get a 20% affiliation alongside the program. It offers GrooveSell, GrooveMail, GrooveVideo, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveMember, and GroovePages Pro. The expense of the silver plan is $99/month. 

  • Gold Plan: 

This is the best possible plan available on GrooveFunnels. It is for $199/ month.

Here in this plan, you get all the aspects available in the silver plan and you can moreover send emails to buyers, leads, affiliates, etc.

The additional features you solely get with Gold Plan are GrooveBlog, GrooveDesk, GrooveQuiz, GrooveCalender, and GrooveSurvey. 

A variety of choices are available for payments to reap access such as entire pay, 3 payment, 6 payment, 12 payment, etc.

There is also an alternative called the Platinum Lifetime option in which you’ll get all the amazing features from the Gold but in addition to that, you get GrooveKart, Groovewebinar, and GroovePages for Shopify.

It just doesn’t finish up here, the lifetime deal gets greater! 

You will get 40% commissions if you promote GrooveFunnels and you can also obtain a tier 2 commission of approximately 10%. This plan is indeed worth spending. 

GrooveFunnels Review: Pros and Cons

No service can offer a complete package without any shortcomings in any area, especially not if the services offered are as extensive as those offered by GrooveFunnels. 

As an overall product, it is an excellent example of a top-tier free-to-use tool that can be upgraded to become a legitimate all-in-one package of various services. 

But we are here to give you an unbiased look into all that GrooveFunnels has to offer and for that, we will also explore areas where it comes out a bit short. 

So here is the list of pros and cons which will help you decide whether this service is for you or not.


  •  A package of various services essential to run any business or advertisement campaign online in today’s competitive market.
  • Creating a unique and modern marketing campaign helps in making your website popular and provides complete information about your idea/product which helps in building customer trust.
  • It only makes sense that an online retailer would get a package or bunch of utility services rather than each one individually as it saves valuable time and money which can be put back into making the product or the website better. 
  •  Multiple bonus features improve the chances of landing a customer and converting your traffic into regular income.
  • You can use these seemingly simple accessories such as GrooveQuiz, Groovesurveys, Groovecalender, etc in making your website more interactive and improving user experience tenfold.
  • Most web developers ignore these features to save time but when it comes to a package these features become value-adding features and help the owner in gaining more customers.
  •  Active services and email support automate the process of customer interaction and keep the business running without the need for manual regular checkups.
  • It is a golden rule of Customer marketing that regular interactions with customers improve customer relationships and these customers become a loyal consumer base and help you make a mark in the business of web marketing and the online business community. 
  • Emails are the best way to create one on one interactions with your customer which helps in building customer’s trust in your service and your brand which improves the SEO ranking of your website and thus makes your product more popular in the online market.
  •  An established customer base with thousands of international active users ensures the best service possible in most areas around the globe.
  • So it is an essential service for international businesses or people to travel around the globe and handle their business remotely to have a trustworthy service backing their business which can be accessed from anywhere across the world without any hassle and has customer support ready to help you with any issues which may come up during this time. 
  •  Competitive reasonable pricing with a free trial of limited services available for any user.
  • It is also a big Pro in the favour of GrooveFunnels in that it provides the same professional customer support to its non-paying user as it does for its paying subscribers. This kind of professional treatment is rare for any free service provider which shows the high standard of GrooveFunnels which they hold themselves to.


  •  Limited free User experience with a very small number of tools available in the free version.
  •  A reasonably high annual pricing (without discounts) for very new and small businesses that are looking to spend on a budget.
  •  Tough competition in the market by other established services in terms of pricing as well as product on offer. For example ClickFunnels.

 But despite these small contentions group funnel offers a multitude of solid products at a very competitive price with excellent customer and easy-to-use interface.

groovefunnels review- get started

Detailed About Alternatives of Groovefunnels

1. ClickFunnels

About ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a fantastic GrooveFunnels alternative and provides its users with split tests, accurate metrics, analytics tracking, and page editing that helps organizations turn their vision into a reality.

With ClickFunnels, you can build a variety of funnels; like webinar funnels, opt-in funnels, and membership funnels.

Features of Clickfunnels

  • Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Built-in Automated Responder
  • Affiliate Program
  • Shopping Cart

Pricing of ClickFunnels

Heres a preview of the plans available with ClickFunnels. The Starter Plan comes at a nominal rate of $97 per month. It gives users access to 20 funnels and 100 pages.

It also allows only 1 of your teammates to create a separate login. This plan comes with 3 integrated payment and domain options.

ClickFunnelsPlatinum Plan on the other hand comes with more advantages.

It costs $297 on a monthly basis and offers unlimited pages and funnels.

Additionally, it allows for 3 subusers and also has 9 payment options, thus helping you expand your customer base.

Apart from allowing 9 domains with this plan it also gives users priority chat support and hours of additional training and courses.

With the TwoCommaClubX plan, the benefits are endless. At the cost of $2,497 per month, users can avail of unlimited features and 10 accounts for subusers.

It also comes with 27 payment options as well as 27 domain options and a VIP phone support option too.

GrooveFunnels Alternatives Click Funnels

2. Unbounce

About Unbounce

Unbounce is among the best landing pages across the globe. If you are in the marketing industry and lack an engineering background, you are definitely in safe hands with Unbounce.

The plethora of themes available with this software make sure you convert maximum visitors in a short period of time. With customizations available at the tips of your finger, you can create your dream page in a hassle-free manner.

Features of Unbounce

  • Sticky Bars and Pop-Ups
  • Connections and Integrations
  • Templates to Choose From
  • Support

Pricing of Unbounce

Unbounce’s Launch Plan caters to small up-and-coming companies looking to get started with developing landing pages. This plan costs $64 a month and allows for 1 domain and 20,000 visitors.

Additionally, with this plan, you can have up to 500 conversions and don’t need a developer.

The Optimize Plan costs $96 on a monthly basis and comes with conversion software and smart traffic tools to help maximize profit. You can have 1000 conversions, 30,000 visitors, and 3 domains.

The Accelerate Plan on the other hand is for organizations growing rapidly.

The plan costs $160 and allows for 7 domains, 40,000 visitors, and 2000 conversions to help cope with the quick pace at which the company is growing.

If your business is in the process of scaling, the Scale Plan is just right for you. It comes at the cost of $240 and guarantees to increase your customer base. It comes with 3000 conversions, 50,000 visitors, and 15 domains.

Above all, what makes it a GrooveFunnels alternative is its 14-day free trial that comes with all these plans alike.


Unbounce Grow Business


About Leadpages

With the help of Leadpages, you can be sure to create a resounding online presence.

Even if you are not well acquainted with coding, Leadpages has you covered. Through this software, you can create and collect a varied amount of qualified leads and ensure your company reaches new heights.

Leadpages is conversion optimized and ensures you benefit from all its features. It also has integrated payment options to help your business flourish.

Features of Leadpages

  • Uptime
  • Preview
  • Digital File Delivery
  • Organize Landing Pages

Pricing of Leadpages

With Leadpages’ Standard Plan available for $27 per month, you can avail of free hosting and custom domain. You can also avail of lead notifications, technological support via email, and above 40 email integrations.

Leadpages’ most popular plan is the Pro plan that is worth $59 a month.

This plan lets users avail themselves of 3 sites, technological support via email as well as chat, above 40 integrations, and online payment options.

With this plan, one also avail of A/B split testing with no limits, email trigger links, and much more.

Finally, with the Advanced Plan, users can get their hand on advanced integrations, 5 sub-accounts for their team, and one on one starter calls. All this can be availed at a nominal price of $239 a month.

leadpages Builder

4. Instapage

About Instapage

Instapage is globally known for increasing the conversions of a company by a whopping 400%.

It has a wide range of customizable templates for a variety of campaigns.

It also allows users to build mobile pages that give customers a great browsing experience. It also has an in-built landing page collaboration that makes launching landing pages an easy process.

Features of Instapage

  • On-page Collaboration
  • Image Asset Manager
  • Landing Pages
  • Global Blocks

Pricing of Instapage

You can avail of Instapage’s Business Pack worth $199 per month. It will cost $149 if you opt for annual billing. With this pack, you can avail of mobile-optimized pages, customizable templates, and landing pages.

You can also get your hands on unlimited A/B testing, an SSL certificate, and advanced publishing options.

Apart from these, you can also avail of additional features separately that will come at an additional cost.

The features you can choose from include branded lead notification, pixel tracking, conversion analytics, global blocks, migration software, AMP pages, and much more

5. Landingi

About Landingi

Another GrooveFunnels alternative available in the market is Landingi. This is an all-encompassing marketing platform that gives users the opportunity to develop campaigns independently and create leading pages that are intuitive in nature with a wide range of tools the software has to offer. Landingi also offers A/B tests, allows one to add pop-ups, manage leads, build funnels, etc.

Features of Landingi

  • Intuitive Nature of Tools
  • Scheduler
  • Autoresponders
  • One-Click Duplication

Pricing of Landingi

In the business category, Landingi offers 3 categories of payment.

With the Core Plan for $29, you can avail of 1 custom domain, 5,000 visitors, and 5 accounts for your team. This plan allows for only 10 active pop-ups and the amount must be paid annually.

As part of the Create Plan, you can get your hands on 10 custom domains, 50,000 visitors, and 15 sub-accounts for teammates. You can also avail of unlimited pop-ups, all the price of $55.

With the Automate Plan, you get 20 custom domains, 100,000 visitors, and 20 sub-accounts. Apart from this you also get unlimited pop-ups and background videos with the plan that costs $79 per month.

In the Agency category, one can either avail of the $149 plan that comes with 10 sub-accounts, or the Agency Pro Plan that costs $245 and comes with 20 additional sub-accounts in addition to other features.

In the Enterprise category, you can get access to unlimited landing pages and conversions, 10 custom domains, and much more for the price of $599.


About Pagewiz

With ‘DIY’ becoming such a popular concept, Pagewiz is a creative GrooveFunnels Alternative.

Pagewiz allows users to create, publish, and share landing pages in the most efficient way possible. Pagewiz’s top-of-the-line technology allows professionals to be freed from lengthy IT development processes.

With this software companies can launch landing pages from scratch in a highly optimized manner in a limited period of time.

Features of Pagewiz

  • Perfect Designs
  • Unlimited Fonts
  • Templates
  • Build Forms
  • HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • Pricing of Pagewiz

Pagewiz’s Basic Plan costs $25 a month and offers 2 customized domains.

It allows for 5,000 visitors and gives users an unlimited number of landing pages.

The Standard Plan on the other hand costs $42 and gives users 5 custom domains. It includes A/B testing, exactly like the basic plan, but allows for double the visitors.

The Plus Plan costs $84 and comes with 10 custom domains. It allows 30,000 visitors and provides email lead notifications.

The final plan available with Pagewiz is its Pro Plan that can be availed of at the price of $169. It comes with all the benefits the Plus Plan has to offer and gives users 25 custom domains.

Pagewiz Landing Page Platform

7. Lander

About Lander

Lander is a fantastic GrooveFunnels alternative, as it is a topnotch landing page management solution to develop mobileready landing pages for unique campaigns.

It has a wide array of benefits to offer multinational organizations, inhouse marketing teams, and small up and coming businesses too.

Lander hosts an intuitive design that aids it in giving you a highly functioning landing page. Users can choose from the many templates available and make customizations based on their needs.

Features of Lander

  • Easy Editor
  • A/B Testing
  • Text Replacement
  • Facebook Integration

Pricing of Lander

Lander’s Basic Plan costs $16 a month and comes with 5000 visitors. It provides 3 custom domains and Facebook landing pages.

It also allows for email marketing integration and email support. Additionally, it lets users engage in custom code editing. This plan has been proved highly beneficial for small businesses.

The Professional Plan on the other hand costs $83 and comes with 25,000 visitors a month. With this plan, users can avail themselves of 10 custom domains and also Webhook integration, unlike Basic Plan users. They can also avail of Zapier integration and quick and accurate technical support.

8. OptimizePress

About OptimizePress

OptimizePress is an easy-to-use web software for individuals and organizations. it allows them to build a vast customer base with the help of landing pages that guarantee conversions at a high rate.

It also helps to create membership platforms, sales pages, launch funnels, and much more

Features of OptimizePress

  • Conversions
  • Customizations
  • Mobile Responsive Templates
  • GDPR Ready
  • Pricing of OptimizePress

With OptimizePress’s Essential Plan, you can avail of email support, unlimited leads and pages, SmartTheme marketing, and much more, for only $99 annually.

The Business plan on the other hand comes with added benefits at the rate of $149 per year.

In addition to the advantages that come with the Essential Plan, you can also get your hands on ‘OptimizeUrgency’. With the help of the all-new and unique feature, you can include scarcity alerts on your page.

The Suite plan is indeed one of a kind and can be availed of at the rate of $199 a year.

The benefits include other features of OptimizePress like OptimizeFunnels, OpimizeLeads, etc. It also includes access to premium templates.


FAQs About GrooveFunnels

👉 Does GrooveFunnels have a refund policy?

The platform offers a 30day money-back guarantee if you don't like it. So the answer is yes. However, I reckon you won't necessarily need this policy as this program is definitely worth your money.

🙋 Is GrooveFunnels valuable to newbies?

Yes, GrooveFunnels is a valuable asset even for those new to eBiz. This platform has helped me a lot in my initial days and has been helping throughout.

🤷 Is GrooveFunnels legit?

GrooveFunnels is not simply legit, but the best platform that would shift the whole of digital marketing into a new dimension. It will most certainly replace almost every online business software available in the market today.

⁉️Is Groove funnels lifetime deal worth?

Yes. Groove funnels lifetime deal is totally worth it according to my review. It's beneficial in terms of budget, one time payments, free plan, and amazing support

👉Is GrooveFunnels the best platform for funnel building?

GrooveFunnels has a number of features available to users. However, they can become slightly difficult to navigate at times. It takes a while to explore but it is just the tool a marketer needs to run a successful company.

🤩How much does GrooveFunnels cost?

GrooveFunnels Base plan is free. GrooveFunnels Silver plan will cost $99/month. GrooveFunnels Gold plan will cost $199/month. GrooveFunnels Platinum lifetime: ~$1,397

Quick Links

GrooveFunnels Review 2021: Should You Try It? 

GrooveFunnels is an excellent service for those who are looking for all in one package of the most essential services which any online seller or marketing manager needs to run a business online.

Its Gold membership allows the user access to some features which we might not consider essential but once we used them, we found them to be extremely efficient and time-saving as well as helpful in increasing traffic as well as customer sign-ups on websites. 

Even free members get access to an efficient and professional payment platform in the form of Groovecell which is easy to set up for physical or Digital products and is trustworthy because of its association with an established brand like GrooveFunnels. 

GrooveFunnels affiliate programs also give a golden opportunity to all their customers to earn some money through their recommendations.

 As we have already discussed, even non-paying users get access to a world-class customer service experience which is essential for any payment gateway system to have.

GrooveFunnels pricing is extremely competitive in terms of other similar services that are currently present in the market and is very much reasonable taking into consideration the number of active services that are being offered by the company such as GrooveMail and EmailLeads. 

Probably most importantly, it is a beginner-friendly service that does not put a lot of emphasis on prior knowledge of advertising for website building on the behalf of the user.   

Despite the competition present in the market today, our analysis shows that GrooveFunnels is one of the best services available online. 

So GrooveFunnels is one of the most user-friendly utility services available which offers the highest customer conversion from traffic on your website as well as provides tools like payment gateways and email services for a very reasonable price.

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